My name is Rowan, and I am a dancer and designer! I started way back along this path when I moved to Miami at 6 years old. It was a quick move and my parents told me that I could either take acting or dance classes. At the time, I was more interested in acting and so that’s what I chose. Later that same week my mom took my brother and I out to Step It Up! – remember that movie with all the hip-hop dancers who break the rules and have giant flash mobs all the time? Yeah, that one. After that movie, all I wanted to do was Dance! So, of course my mom then signed me up for dance classes at my local dance studio, In Motion Performing Arts Center. At first, all I did was hip-hop, but then after a while decided to try ballet, jazz, and tap. I still remember performing my first ballet routine at our Christmas recital. I was dressed up as a bush with little pink flowers, and I was the only one who really knew the choreography. 😆

So after about a year or so of just taking classes, I tried my hardest to make the dance team surrounded by my amazing dance friends. The list finally came out of who made it, and guess what? I made it!… But, as an understudy. That was still enough to make me really excited and kept working really hard.

Over the summer, my teacher gave us these exercise routines to do every day, and she told me that if I had my splits mastered by August, I could be on the team. So I did the exercises every Single Day, several times a day without missing a beat, and because of that, I had my splits and finally made the Mini Team. My passion for dance only grew and with every form and type, and I still dance and perform today with the Orange County School of the Arts in California!


How I started in fashion is a little bit of a different story. About two summers after making the team my parents insisted on having  something to keep me busy on one of the last weeks of break, so they registered me for this Sewing/Design Camp at a local place called 'Design Lab'. I spent a week there, and I Loved it; learning how to sew and make things like handbags and pillowcases. So when the school year rolled around, my parents signed me up for weekly lessons!


I eventually worked my way up to making clothes, stuffed animals, and pretty much anything. I even dabbled in making bows and running my own little company called RowBows on Etsy. I couldn’t keep up with the demand for the stylish little bows, and I was motivated to keep designing! My teacher told me that my next project was to design my own fashion line. I brainstormed for a while, and finally I decided that I wanted to incorporate my two favorite things, dance and fashion, by designing a dancewear line.

Designing a dancewear line was exciting, however, turning it into a 'real line' for actively performing dancers to wear, wasn’t that simple! We had no fabric, no manufacturer, no studio, and no direction to go, it was just me and my designs and passion. Especially when it was important to me to have sustainable fabrics, and have the products made 100% in the USA with the highest quality fabric, thread and stitching. As good fortune goes we met with a local Los Angeles factory through a family friend call K-Funk. I got to meet his employees, look at all the machines, and get a taste for how things were done. Their philosophy of quality, workmanship, and good business matched perfectly with my vision and we got to work right away, and we made the first prototypes, then the second, and the third, and the fourth, until we got it exactly right. And after another year and many many meetings my vision was brought to life, and so now I’m here, ready to run and continue to grow my business producing the highest quality, most comfortable, and fashionable dancewear at reasonable prices for all dancers to wear!


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