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Rowan Windham-Burke, 2018

Rowan has been on a creative path since she moved cross-country from Santa Barbara to Miami at 6 years old. Presented with a tough choice between dancing and acting during the move, she surprisingly chose acting. It wasn't until watching the film Step It Up! (directed by Anne Fletcher) where she felt inspired by dance. Not long after did she started taking dance lessons and the rest was history! She followed her passion of dance wherever life took her, with it eventually landing her back in California. She has studied dance, primarily ballet and contemporary, at professional programs all over Orange County and Los Angeles!




Although it's surprising, it's not shocking that dance wasn't Rowan's first love in the arts. Not only is she a beautiful dancer, but she is also the designer of all Dark Rabbit apparel. 


When she was younger, Rowan fell in love with learning how to sew at the summer camp Design Lab. So much so that her parents signed her up for weekly lessons in the school year. These lessons gave her the skills to learn how to make her own clothes. Experimenting with her first "fashion line" of bows and clothes introduced her to her current love of designing. From there, she put her two loves together to create the brand we know and love, Dark Rabbit. 

Rowan Windham-Burke, 2023

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