Partnerships w/ Dark Rabbit

Having behind counter dancewear inventory onsite is a great way to grow your studio business and keep your dancers happy.  Your dancers will appreciate the extra convenience of accessible dancewear when they need it.   


Also as a dancer, I know that it's an expensive sport, and that it's hard for studios to profit.  To help, we provide the largest discount on our products exclusively to studio owners, so you can still sell at or below web and retail price, and make a decent margin.


Dark Rabbit is locally sourced and every piece is hand prepared, designed, and sewn here in Southern CA. We focus on the quality of our product and make sure that our entire line is custom formed to fit the dancers body perfectly when performing or stretching.


Here's some extra reasons to provide Dark Rabbit Dancewear.....

  • It's EASY – NO upfront inventory costs, NO minimum orders.

  • We sell direct to dancers on our website at retail, or exclusively to studios, eliminating the middlemen like discount dance catalogues

  • Your studio becomes the ‘go-to’ destination for the products dancers want, and will be linked our our site and social media.

  • Orders are shipped same day of order if a product if inventory is out at your location.

  • Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

  • White label / Co-Brand opportunities.   Custom colors, studio logo etc...

Any order size is accepted – it's all up to you! Choose just a product or two, possibly our popular Strapped Leo or custom designed wrap skirt and see how easy it is to sell. Or you could go all in and outfit your entire studio with our fully trusted line. Whatever you decide, we are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today! 🐰🖤


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