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Dark Rabbit is a dancewear line made by myself, Rowan Burke. After years following my passions - dancing and fashion design, I decided it was time to let the two worlds collide. Dark Rabbit represents my personality, my style and my vision as an artist.


Designing a dancewear line was exciting, however, turning it into a 'real line' for active dancers wasn’t so simple. We had no fabric, no manufacturer, no studio, and no direction. It was just me, my designs and my passion. However, I did know that I wanted my pieces to be sustainable, and made out of the highest quality fabric, thread and stitching. It was also important to me to have everything 100% made in the US. So, we started there.

As good fortune goes, a family friend put me in touch with K-Funk, a factory in Los Angeles. I got to meet his employees, look at all the machines, and get a taste for how things were done. Their philosophy of quality, workmanship, and good business matched perfectly with my vision and we got to work right away. 


We made so many prototypes until the pieces were exactly right, down to the very last detail. Fast forward two years, a second collection and many designs later, here we are! Ready to run and continue to grow Dark Rabbit by producing the highest quality, most comfortable, fashionable dancewear, by a dancer, for dancers 🖤

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