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Push yourself to new limits in our breathable, squat-proof, and waterproof fabric. Made with bamboo cloth, our sustainable material paired with comfortable designs will give you the elevated experience you deserve. Whether your passion is dancing, lifting, aerial arts, yoga, climbing, track...or more... our designs will make you feel like you can take on anything!


Dark Rabbit was founded in 2018 to be "designed by dancers for dancers." Initially, we were driven to create easily accessible and ethical items for dancers of all ages. During our Revival, we realized that comfortability and sustainability are values that are not particularly accessible in the entirety of 'active life' apparel. So we expanded our vision to be "designed by dancers for everyone." Dark Rabbit is revolutionizing decades of discomfort one design at a time.


Crafting our designs using bamboo ensures that Dark Rabbit is durable enough to support a wide spectrum of impact and intensity. Our apparel allows access to a full range of motion to support the craziest contortions or just some good old-fashioned squats!


Rowan started Dark Rabbit when she was still in high school. Time has only made her passion grow stronger, and five years later she is excited to be launching bigger and better projects.

Upcoming projects include improving our 'high-impact' support-wear and expanding into menswear. Dark Rabbit was founded to provide everyone with the capability to pursue their ambitions. Inclusivity is our priority, and it happens one design at a time. 

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